Why Choose bubblenet® for doctors?

bubblenet® for doctors:An easy-to-use app that that improves efficiency and access throughout the circle of care makes us the smart choice. 

What Sets Us Apart?

    1. ✅ The app is absolutely FREE for doctors. Here at bubblenet private limited, we gladly disclose all the actual costs to you upfront, so you won’t be fooled or feel as if you have been taken advantage of by your existing apps. You have a choice of writing FREE prescriptions or apply a charge to your Rx. For Rx that have a charge, your patients pay a flat fee of INR 15 for prescriptions amount below INR 100 and for any amount above INR 100, the convenience fees will be fixed at 15% on the prescription amount (Rx charge) fixed by the healthcare professional. You get to retain all your practice fees (Rx charge) you quote at the time of creating your prescription. There are no hidden fees. There are no ads. We are here to make doctors successful.

    2. ✅ Prescribe knowing every digitally signed prescription has payment guarantee. The app guarantees doctors full payment electronically with a genius workaround: patients don’t get the prescriptions till doctors are paid. Cashless payment methods have become both a necessity as well as an acceptable method of payment for rural and urban populations alike. We process all major debit and credit cards, 50+ net-banking options, UPI, EMI and many popular wallets solutions.

    3. ✅ Provide continuity of care so that your patients don’t have to keep looking for new doctors.  You now have portable on-demand secure access to patient data and can prescribe e-Prescription anywhere anytime. Everything in bubblenet is doctor initiated. Security is built into everything we do at bubblenet from ground-up. We work hard to safeguard your and patient information with technology in your pocket — from collecting pertinent patient history,  to on-demand secure data access. With bubblenet, patients can stop messing around with long journeys, queues, tokens and waiting times. With bubblenet, we improve the doctor patient experience throughout the circle of care so that your patients don’t have to look for another doctor. 

    4. ✅ Your patients DO NOT need an App. It is that simple almost like texting. Hard to believe it? Patients will only need access to mobile data or Internet on the smart phones to make payments or download prescriptions. We ensure technology does not come in the way of healthcare professionals practicing medicine the way they want. We are striving very hard to make bubblenet a nonintrusive app, at the same time very simple and innovative.

    5. ✅ Minimise the “scut work” of medical documentation by having patients enter and upload medical data for you using our bubble technology. To enter your exam notes, you can just speak into our note taking app with  built-in dictaphone. Our user interface makes it easy to prescribe, manage patient records, and collect pertinent patient history.

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