Use Cases

When a doctor sees many patients and has to make a decision about a patient’s care, he needs actionable information like patient’s old medical history or medications which the patient routinely takes or another treatment that was given earlier. However, every patient is not able to provide this information verbally or the past paper charts may not be available on time or they may forget to bring past prescriptions. The lack of this meaningful health information decreases the efficiency of the health care providers. Most doctors don’t have enough time to laboriously document the pertinent exam findings or the relevant progress notes. When this happens there is no way to find out what was effective in the past or what is not effective to avoid repetitive testing and medication.

bubblenet® App boosts efficiency and access across the continuum of care. With bubblenet, the doctor can be practising in diverse health care scenarios but the actionable information about each of his patients is made available to him on his mobile phone so that he can make the best decision for the patients at anytime from anywhere

  • Boosting efficiency: Doctors use bubblenet to get the right actionable information from his or her  patients even from remote. Doctor initiates communication channels by sending out secure links to his patients using just SMS or Email. Patients click on the link, enter their health information without requiring any patient app. Doctor reviews this & prioritizes sicker patients first. If it’s just managing sugars for diabetes, he reviews sugars charts and sends prescriptions to patient phones and eliminates wait time.
  • Improving access: Renewing medications is now made easy. If patients are really far and are not a position to travel to meet the doctor and all they need is just to know about a minor medication change or continuing old medicines, patients can talk to their doctors and doctors use bubblenet to review their old prescription and can send a new prescriptions to patient’s mobile phone with a secure link.

Anyone who manages a medical practice or anyone who writes a medical prescription (Rx) can use bubblenet®. The app can be used by healthcare professionals in the different types of treatment systems such as Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Veterinary, & Dentistry.

bubblenet® app for doctors can be used by all healthcare professionals right from doctors practising in a clinic, to home visit family physician or palliative care physician who does patient home visits, to doctor who get many follow-up clarifications from patients, to doctor who rounds in multiple hospitals — basically throughout the circle of care. In all on-call type situations, it is important to note that the patient has an established relationship with his/her doctor. As long as you protect patient privacy, if a particular patient likes to see you in a different set up, you can use bubblenet in those circumstances to help manage those patients. Any healthcare professional who wants to keep patient data simple and accessible for taking care of their patients can use bubblenet®