Questions About bubblenet®

Here are answers to basic question you might have about bubblenet®.

1. What is bubblenet® for doctors App?

bubblenet®  is a simple comprehensive patient management Android-based app for the doctors and healthcare professionals. It empowers the health care professionals to embrace digital healthcare and go paperless! It’s FREE to download for doctors. 

bubblenet® App boosts efficiency and access across the continuum of care. It is easy-to-use app empowering doctors to lead the next generation of medical practice.  Your patients don’t even need an App. It that’s simple and easy.

✅ Maintain portable electronic medical records: simple, dictaphone-enabled, mobile-accessible

✅ Provide continuity of care so that your patients don’t have to keep looking for new doctors.

✅ Prescribe knowing that your digitally signed prescriptions have 100% payment guarantee (also receive international payments). Patients don’t see prescriptions till they pay you

Simplify the “scut work” of medical documentation and reduce errors by having patients enter data in one click.  Save time by having patients enter medical data using our bubble technology without a patient App.

✅ Shift how healthcare happens with technology in your pocket — from collecting pertinent patient history, to slick note taking app with dictaphone, to on-demand secure data access. bubblenet® is built on top of world class infrastructure, robust security, and is completely ad-free.

We are here to make doctors successful.

2. How do I download the app?

bubblenet® is currently in available in Google Play Store for the Android platform. Use the QR code attached or use the URL below.



Sign-in help. This should take you about 5 minutes in all. Here is how to get started.

  • Step 1: Download and Register yourself with your email-id and verify your email-id. Look for the verification email in your inbox and click the link in that email. A confirmation message will appear in your web browser. Note: You must be a healthcare professional (doctor) with valid registration certificate in a country supported by bubblenet (supported country as of today: India)
  • Step 2: Post verification of your email id, login into the app, and update your medical credentials for verification (Have your medical registration certificate handy). Upon verification by bubblenet, you will get an email in your inbox.
  • Step 3: Next, setup bank info to get paid: Before you can receive payments, your account must specify a bank account for us to deposit money into. Login into app, tap Account. Enter your routing and account numbers in the appropriate boxes. Tap submit. That’s it! bubblenet uses electronic transfers to pay your  charges to you.  Note: Your bank account must be located in a country supported by bubblenet (supported countries as of today: India).

iOS release will be made available at a later point of time.

3. Do I have to pay for bubblenet app?

bubblenet® is absolutely FREE for all healthcare professionals and you get to keep the entire prescription charge.

  • Convenience fee: Your patients pay a flat fee of INR 15/- for prescriptions amount below INR 100/- and for any amount above INR 100, the convenience fees will be fixed at 15% on the prescription amount (Rx charge) fixed by the healthcare professional. In case of Rx charge = 0 (i.e. FREE prescriptions), no convenience fee is applied.
  • Practice fees: You get to retain all your practice fees (Rx charge) you quote at the time of creating your prescription.
  • Note:
    • There are no hidden fees.
    • bubblenet® lets you charge variably according to the complexity and time you spend with the patient than one charge fits all strategy. We at bubblenet® want to ensure all the work doctors do are paid for.
    • There are no ads in our App.

4. How does bubblenet® work?

bubblenet® through its doctor app for Android  enables healthcare professionals to manage patients digitally anywhere and anytime. The App brings empowers doctors to lead the next generation of medical practice.  Click here for more details.

5. Why is bubblenet® the better choice for doctors?

bubblenet®  will help ease the pressure on doctors and help more patients access their preferred doctors. A doctor  can quickly review a patient’s history and send a secure prescription or advice with payment guarantee. bubblenet® for doctors not only increases the efficiency of doctors but it also provides the means to better quality of service and shift where healthcare happens. Here are the top 5 reasons why we think we are the smart choice for doctors around the world?

✅ The app is absolutely FREE for doctors.

✅ Prescribe knowing every digitally signed prescription has payment guarantee.

✅ Your patients DO NOT need an App.

✅ We provide on-demand secure data access.

✅ We Simplify the “scut work” in medical documentation.

6. Does bubblenet® provide medical advice or referrals to healthcare professionals?

No. bubblenet® provides software only. bubblenet® is not a “​healthcare professional referral service” and does not provide ​healthcare ​advice. bubblenet® does not practice medicine or any other licensed profession, and does not interfere with the practice of medicine or any other licensed profession by healthcare professionals. bubblenet® is also not a substitute for a ​healthcare professional or hospital or ​clinic. bubblenet®  provides on-demand access to patient data, digitally signed e-Prescriptions with payment guarantee and more.

7. Can I accept international payments?


Note: The app is currently only available for doctors in India, however, your patients can send you payments from any part of the world. Payments will be converted to local currency in all countries supported by bubblenet® (currently: India).

8. Who can use bubblenet app for doctors?

Anyone who manages a medical practice or anyone who writes a medical prescription (Rx) can use bubblenet®. The app can be used by healthcare professionals in the different types of treatment systems such as Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Veterinary, & Dentistry.

bubblenet® app for doctors can be used by all healthcare professionals right from doctors practising in a clinic, to home visit family physician or palliative care physician who does patient home visits, to doctor who get many follow-up clarifications from patients, to doctor who rounds in multiple hospitals — basically throughout the circle of care. In all on-call type situations, it is important to note that the patient has an established relationship with his/her doctor. As long as you protect patient privacy, if a particular patient likes to see you in a different set up, you can use bubblenet in those circumstances to help manage those patients. Any healthcare professional who wants to keep patient data simple and accessible for taking care of their patients can use bubblenet®

9. I am travelling for a conference and my patients want to keep me informed about their blood sugars. How can bubblenet help me?

bubblenet® using its innovative “bubble” technology lets patients send you their reports, questions when you give permission only. It even lets them fill up their history and medications they are taking currently for you without bombarding you with messages. You just have to click a button. That’s it. bubblenet® can be used  for you to also send them a secure prescription with payments for that extra effort you are taking to keep yourself available for your patients no matter how busy you are elsewhere.

10. Do my patients need a patient App?

No.  Hard to believe it? Your patients DO NOT need an App. We simplify the entire doctor-patient communication using our innovative bubble technology, all just in one click. Patients will only need access to mobile data or Internet on their smart phones to make payments or download prescriptions or send you medical data. We are striving very hard to make bubblenet a nonintrusive app, at the same time very simple and innovative.