Our Trademarks

bubblenet® is a registered trademark with the Trademarks Registry, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and with multiple trademark offices around the world. bubblenet® is  a registered trademark of bubblenet® Private Limited, as well as suggested generic terms for our products.

We ask that you help us by properly using and crediting bubblenet® trademarks in accordance with the guidelines below.

  • You may not use bubblenet® trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to bubblenet® sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement.
  • Do not use bubblenet® trademarks or potentially confusing variations in your domain name.
  • Do not imitate bubblenet® trade dress, type style or logos.

bubblenet®  reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify your permission to display the bubblenet® trademark and to take action against any use that does not conform to these terms and conditions, infringes any bubblenet® intellectual property or other right, or violates applicable law.

If you have questions about our trademarks, drop us an email at info@bubblenet.in.