Reviving the old glory of being a doctor

The journey to become a doctor is a long arduous one — from never ending studies, to continuous education with no real time off, to frequent telephone interruptions from patients, to insurance paperwork, to additional documentation. The practice of the art of medicine is changing to a defensive one. The grunge work never ends and robs away precious time that could have instead been spent with patients at bedside.

Doctors these days experience a very large patient phone call volume. Some calls trivial, and some genuine — where a timely consult can change lives. Doctors who are always available to these calls however do get eventually burned out. 

The burnout rate is pretty high of late & has been due to long working hours, too much bureaucratic hassle, and lack of work-life balance.  Thus, a shift in minds of many doctors in the recent times about the so called “sought after noble profession”. Has the old glory of this profession started to decay? Has something changed recently? Or is it the change in attitude of the society’s perception of a doctor as a service provider than a dignified professional? Are doctors now becoming commodities?

Can we solve the productivity issue for doctors and help with continuity of care for patients at the same timeWhat if you can once again become the doctor you always dreamt of? Making the challenging diagnosis, analysing the complex medical data, solving real life problems, helping patients deal with and overcoming devastating illness, talking with families to comfort them are some of the many charms of being a doctor.

Overcoming the Challenges

Bubblenet was seeded from the above thoughts by a doctor. We started originally with the vision to help the doctor community at-large to simplify the “scut work“ of medical documentation, at the same time simplifying the lives of doctors. Many problems were brainstormed:

  • What if we could improve the efficiency of doctors while at the same time addressing continuity of care?
  • How can we make patients more respectful of doctors time like in legal profession?How can we ensure doctors get better compensated for their time and paid for all their consultations — every patient visit, query, lab review, prescription, side walks, second opinions.  
  • What if we can deliver prescriptions in a legible manner that will eliminate errors? Can digitising your prescriptions help in this regard? Can we let patients or their kin enter their medical information for you to review easily and reduce errors.
  • What if patients can stop messing around with long journeys, queues, tokens and waiting times?
  • Can we simplify the medical documentation with dictaphone while you are mobile?
  • Is it possible to know ahead of time patients’ reason for visit? This data can help you triage your patients better and improve overall patient satisfaction.
  • Can we replace cumbersome EMRs with something much simpler and more economical?

These questions in a nutshell seeded the birth of bubblenet.

The Connected health

Every day access to care, rising healthcare costs, and shortage of healthcare professionals are existing challenges in healthcare today. However, technology is becoming cheaper and more functional. Very soon the poorest billion individuals will have the equivalent of today’s fancy smartphones. These things can really change healthcare. 

Doctors are increasingly turning to the mobile platform as the foundation for their healthcare practice. Integration of mobile technology can empower all healthcare professionals to make healthcare more engaging. As this trend continues, the need for healthcare professionals to manage patients digitally becomes increasingly important to succeed in the future. Doctors need insightful and actionable information they can use to treat a patient anywhere, anytime. 

We are in the new era called connected health where you can have the equivalent of an entire clinic or practice, now in your smartphone, thanks to bubblenet!

bubblenet for doctors is a simple, innovative, easy-to-use app that boosts doctor efficiency and access across the continuum of care. It brings new empowering ways to jump-start your medical practice.  The future of medical practice is in your hands. Let’s create it together and find a better balance between your medical practice, your life, and technology in the connected health era. We want to improve the doctor-patient experience throughout the circle of care. Stay ahead!