bubblenet® selected to present at Xoogler Demo Day hosted at Google’s Bangalore office

On November 25, 2018, the Xoogler (i.e. Former Googlers) and Google communities came together to support 11 pre-seed and seed Xoogler-led startups. A thank you to the amazing Xoogler.co volunteers who made this all possible and for giving bubblenet this amazing opportunity.

Like Christopher Fong mentioned at the event, “The benefits of being a Googler never ends“, it follows us for the rest of our life. so Apt! Thank you “Google!” This was Xoogler.co’s first India event and we are very proud to have been participated in this event and pitching our startup. Facilitating meetings between startups like us and mentors, & other Googlers and Xooglers was at the core of this event and a chance for us to meet  and engage with other entrepreneurs.

What we really enjoyed was the “focus” and the advices. We stripped the company down to its core — bubblenet’s DNA  — and the mentoring we got was fabulous “A+”.

EconomicTimes.001PHOTO-2018-11-27-19-33-54 (1)

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